How Bursa Stocks can be Beneficial for you in 2019

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How Bursa Stocks can be Beneficial for you in 2019


Bursa Malaysia with just under 1000 listed companies is one of the largest exchanges in Asia. the exchange also provides a wide variety of Investment choices to its investors ranging from Exchange Traded Funds, American Depository Receipts and various other stocks.

Benefits of Investing in Malaysian Market-

  • The country is becoming one of the most attractive investment decisions due to is pro business government and fast growing economy. The country has reported a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth of 6.5% between 1957 and 2005. This has made it one of the best performing economies.
  • Malaysian Real Estate is becoming an attractive investment option for the investors. Since the growth of tourism industry in Malaysia the real estate sector is growing many folds. The tourism industry contributes to third largest revenue source of Malaysia. House prices in Malaysia have gone up by 50% between 2002 and 2012 according to the Global Property Guide.

Top 5 Bursa Malaysia Stock Picks for 2019-

  • Supemax Corporation BHD

The company is Malaysia’s largest and world’s second largest manufacturer of gloves. The stock of the company is currently trading at a discount of 47%. The company provides a Price Earning Ratio of 26.3 times. The large discounts are majorly due the ambiguity over expansion plans of the company. Due to all these reasons the stock of the company is a good investment option.

  • Bermaz Auto BHD

Bermaz Auto BHD is the official distributor of Mazda cars in Malaysia. The company has an average profit margin of 10% as compared to 4% profit margin of its peer companies. The company is set to launch Mazda 3, Mazda CX-8, Mazda CX-30 by the end of 2019. The company also aims to increase the demand by expansion of its distribution channels.

Due to its expansion and growth strategies the market is favourable towards the stock of this company.

  • UEM Edgenta BHD

The company is one of the major player in Health care services and highway maintenance services. The company a=has an assured future growth in health care sector. There is a strong buying position for this stock with a median Target Price of RM 3.40 that is 17% higher than its closing price.

  • Frontken Corp BHD

The company is involved in the manufacture of semiconductors. With the removal of ban from the chinese telecommunication products in the US, there is a huge potential for growth of the company. The market if quite favourable for the sock of this company.

  • Kossan Rubber Industries BHD

The company is a company engaged in providing rubber solutions worldwide and continues to expand its expertise in rubber product. The company expects to raise its production capacity from 265. Billion gloves per annum to 44 billion by the end of year 2021.

Due to its expansion strategy, increasing demand and improved market dynamics, the stock prices are expected to raise.

These are some of the top Bursa Malaysian Stock Picks which can prove to be a good investment decision.

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