Index trading is defined as buying and selling of a stock market index. There is a lot of speculation about the price of an index rising or falling which is the reason traders buy and sell a particular index. An index represents the performance of a group of stocks, therefore, investors are not investing in one particular stock rather they are buying a group of stocks. These groups of stocks determine the performance of your portfolio.
There are various indexes such as DOW JONES (US30) and DAX (DE30). Our indices trading pack and our research analyst are highly trained and they will provide you with the best index trading signals and index trading advice. Get the best index trading signals from Money Life Research to trade in the world/global stock market index from the leading index signal provider and make good returns on your investments.
Here are some of the features of our Basic Index Trading Signals Pack that is best used for intraday traders and they can earn good returns from these signals.


Service features

    • With this basic index signals package, you get 2 to 3 index signals on a daily basis.
    • All the index signals will include index name, entry price, target price and stop-loss price.
    • Follow up on all the index signals till it achieves target hit or stop loss hit.
    • Expect more than 75% accurate index signals on a monthly basis.

Expected returns on monthly basis (in PIPS)

    • Expected up to 1000 PIPS profit on our index trading tips.

Golden rules for hassle-free trading

    • Trade with each and every index signal that you receive from Money Life Research.
    • Follow the entry price as provided in the index signal and never forget to set the target price and stop loss price for your index trades.
    • For proper money management and trade with same lot size on monthly basis.

Mode of recommendations

    • All the index signals will be sent on WhatsApp from the official WhatsApp number of Money Life Research.

Sample recommendations

    • DOW JONES US30 H3 ?
      E: 34500
      Tp: 34400 ( 100 pips )
      Sl: 34600 ( 100 pips )

    Sample Updates

    DOW JONES US30 TP HIT + 100 PIPS ?