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Quick Analysis on Today Gold Market News

In yesterday's session, Gold once came to 1891 then rebounded and finished the daily candle with a decreasing candlestick showing that the 1890-1895 price range still needs more time to break the price range

News- DXY Index Update For You

- Today is the 3rd trading day of the week that all 3 days are strongly decreasing days for DXY when the DXY index broke the support at 93.00 after positive news about stimulus package negotiation.  in America appeared.  It seems that the market is focusing on this leading factor and will not be able to deny the technical picture showing that DXY might return to the bottom level of 91.75 index points (bottom created on September 1, 2020).

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Financial markets came under heavy selling pressure last week as Republican and Democratic negotiators disagreed on the latest U.S. coronavirus stimulus package. At the beginning of the week, financial market participants expected that American politicians would be able to reach an agreement, after a series of positive tweets from the President of the United States, Donald Trump. However, it did not come to fruition. Traders decided to return to the safety of U.S. bonds and the U.S. dollar upon bearish news.

Lets Check What Gold Market News Saying Today

At the end of yesterday session Gold had another green candle increased, Gold price yesterday increased from 1894 to 1914, but the uptrend was not maintained until the end of the session and was weakened and closed.  the door at 1907, looking closely, this continues to be a sideways candlestick in the wide band of Gold that I mentioned in yesterday morning's news.