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Valuable News for Today's Market

On the dollar side, it has been in high demand over the past few weeks, cautious market mood has pushed capital flows into safe assets, while economic strength and rapid vaccine rollout US rapid growth has increased the attractiveness of the greenback.

Gold Precocious Metal Had a Slight Decrease From 1747 to 1721

At the end of last week's session, the gold precious metal had a slight decrease from 1747 to 1721 ($ 26) closed the weekly candle with a bearish candle at 1731. With the end of the week and the close still at the price of 1731, the selling force appeared after 2 consecutive weeks of increasing points. Therefore, in my opinion, at the beginning of daily trading, we can buy short and wait for a good price to sell down with this precious metal.

Market News of The Day

Fed Chairman Powell said that the economy appears to be accelerating, but a full recovery is far from being achieved and the Fed will continue to support policy.

Gold Market Going Bounce- SELL

It is currently facing the resistance zone of 1755-1760. So in my personal opinion would continue to prioritize Sell when the precious metal Gold approaches this price range.