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BUY BUY GOLD - It's Going Up in Today's Sessions


Daily Gold Update on September 6, 2021:

- Ending last week, precious metal Gold had another gaining week when it increased from 1801 to 1833, closing the week at around 1827. This is also the 4th consecutive week of increasing points of precious metal Gold, with momentum.  The current good increase, in my opinion, the possibility that in the near future, the precious metal Gold will have a rise to higher milestones.

- On the current daily chart Gold is facing resistance around 183x.  Here it is likely that Gold will correct for the next breakout.  At the beginning of today's trading session, I expect Gold to correct around 1819. Here we liquidate sell orders and establish a buy position with a safe target around 1830 and expect further.  is 1840.