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Gold Bounce Back- Planning to SELL/BUY Check It Out This


Comment on Gold on 03/06/2021:

During yesterday's session, precious metal Gold once fell to 1894 after touching this price range. Gold bounced back to 1908 and closed the day with a bullish candle here.  With this precious metal closing yesterday with a bullish candle, it is likely that at the beginning of today's session Gold can retest the "old top" of 1912-1915 and we need to wait for more signals.  to sell down with this precious metal.

 - Although yesterday Gold rebounded at the end of the session, but not because of that, I changed my opinion on Gold as reported yesterday morning.  Around this price range, 1910-1912 is still a price zone where we can establish a sell position with a safe target around 1900. And if Gold price breaks through the 1892-1896 zone, it is likely that this metal will further drop points.