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Gold Going Drop Sharply


Comment on Gold on June 18, 2021:

  • In yesterday's trading session, precious metal Gold was able to have a strong decrease in price from around 1825 to 1766 ($59) this is the 2nd day in a row Gold dropped sharply.  With such strong downward pressure in the past 2 days, in my opinion in today's session, we need to observe the 1766 price zone, if it breaks this price zone, the precious metal will continue to decline to the level of 1766.  strong support around 1755.
  • Currently, precious metal Gold is also touching the support price zone, so I expect to push the price of precious metal to recover in the short term to the price range of 1796-1800 where the possibility of gold will continue to decline.  back and 1766-1770 will be short-term support for this precious metal during the day, we will take profits safely waiting for the next signal around this price level.