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Gold Update- Good to BUY Today


 Comment on Gold on May 21, 2021:

In yesterday's trading session, after retesting the 1865 price area many times, but the price did not break through and went up 1883. Closed yesterday's session with a bullish candle at 1876. With today's event  Through this rally, precious metal Gold has not shown a bearish signal and still has the possibility of going up, so at the beginning of today's session, we will be inclined to buy this metal.

- Switching to the H4 time frame we can see that this precious metal has a support area around 1865 as well as MA20.  So in today's session we can establish a buy position around this price range from 1865-1869.  With the target will be the nearest "old peak" around 1888. Then liquidate the order and wait for the next signals.