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Gold Will Bounce Back And Rebound


Gold Update on March 15, 2022:

 - In yesterday's trading session, precious metal Gold had 1 day of decline from 1990 to 1950, closing the day session with a bearish candle with a quite strong force and Gold also dropped quite deeply at $121 in terms of price.  from the "peak" of 2070, plus in the early morning of this morning Gold fell to the threshold of 1939, so it is not possible to exclude the possibility that Gold will bounce back and rebound.
 - On the daily chart, Gold is also touching a fairly wide support area and in my opinion the buying plan will be more reasonable than selling.  In today's trading session, I expect Gold to recover and gain after a series of days of falling around the 1974 price level. If Gold can surpass this price range, it is likely to increase further, but it is unlikely that it will decrease further.  1 more time.