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1?? Fed Chairman Powell said that the economy appears to be accelerating, but a full recovery is far from being achieved and the Fed will continue to support policy.
2?? European Central Bank has finally accelerated bond-buying in response to rising bond yields.
the previous value is higher than the previous value and expected value.
3?? AstraZeneca's vaccine has an efficacy rate of 79% in U.S. Phase III clinical trials and plans to obtain emergency approval from US regulators within a few weeks.
4?? Notable facts and economic data today
- At 19:50 the Governor of the Bank of England Bailey will deliver a speech. 22:10 The FOMC voting committee and the Fed President in Atlanta, Bostic are also to speak. At 23:00 the FOMC voting committee and Richmond Fed President Barr will speak.
US Treasury Secretary Yellen and Fed Chairman Powell testify before the House Financial Services Committee at 24:00. Today there are many speeches of the members of the Fed most is the hearing of Yellen and Powell will be able to have large fluctuations of the market investors should pay close attention.

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