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Precious Metal GOLD Will Increase As Per Current Scenario


Comment on Gold on August 16, 2021:

 - Last trading week after a sharp drop to 1684 precious metals Gold rebounded strongly, closing the week with a bullish candle and retreating around 1779. With the falling momentum almost retreating after the increase.  of the last trading sessions of the past week, in my personal opinion at the beginning of this week's trading session, it is likely that the precious metal Gold will continue to increase to move to higher price ranges.

 - Switching to the daily chart time frame, we can also see the strong uptrend of the candle on Friday and I expect in today's session, the precious metal Gold will continue to conquer the area.  price is higher around 1790-1795.  In the beginning of today's trading session we will wait for this precious metal to correct slightly to be able to establish a buy position.  The closest support for Gold is around 1765-1769.  Here we can establish a buy position with an upward target of 1790-1795.