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SELL SELL SELL- Today's Gold Market Trend saying SELL


Comment on Gold on 17/05/2021:

In the last trading week, precious metal Gold, after falling to 1808, bounced back to 1845 and closed the week with a rising green candle, showing that the buying power is still there and the possibility that Gold will have a sweep to the area.  The higher price it is 1850-1855.

- At this price range as I said, at this price range we will not buy-in with Gold anymore, but just wait for the selling beats when Gold tends to get closer to the trendline channel stretching from  August 2020 to the present.  Here, in my opinion, Gold will have downward swings, so we can establish a pending sell state around 1855-1860.  The first target Gold can aim for this selling span is around 1835 and beyond 1830. Here we liquidate orders and wait for the next signals.