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Today's Gold Update- BUY BUY, Uptrend Coming


Buy Gold on September 10, 2021:

- In yesterday's session, precious metal Gold, after bouncing up to 1800, fell to 1783 and closed the session with a bullish candle around 1794. With the end of the day with a bullish candle and forming a reversal candlestick pair and in my opinion, it is likely that in early trading today this precious metal's uptrend will continue.

- On the H4 time frame, we can see that for this metal to rally, the 1800 Gold resistance will have to be broken and if Gold breaks this price range, the 1808-1812 threshold will be the price zone where the precious metal is located.  Gold towards.  In the opposite direction, the price support area pushes this precious metal up around 1788, where we can establish a buy position with the precious metal Gold with the target as I mentioned above.