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Today's Gold Update- Continue To Be Boosted Uptrend


Live Gold Update on October 14, 2021:

- In yesterday's trading session, the precious metal Gold officially broke the sideways price zone nearly 1 week before.  Precious metal Gold bounced sharply from 1757 to 1796 ($39), closing the session with a strong bullish candle around 1792. With the precious metal Gold's strong breakout, I think Gold is likely will continue to be boosted uptrend in the beginning of today's session.

- On the H4 time frame, we can see that the precious metal is currently showing signs of a slight correction, this is a downward correction so we can establish a buy position and in my opinion, it is likely to be around 1785.  precious metals will bounce back with a target of 1796-1805.  We can wait for the price to correct slightly to buy up because, with a strong increase like yesterday, it is a bit difficult to make a deep correction.


Live Gold TIPS

Buy limit GOLD price 1786
SL: 1776
TP: 1791 17xx 1x06