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Today's Gold Update: Gold Will Continue to Gain Momentum


Update on Gold on February 9, 2022:

- In yesterday's trading session, precious metal Gold went right in analysis when it increased from 1815 to 1828, closing the day session with a bullish candle around the 1825 price range. With Gold showing good momentum like  Currently, in my personal opinion, Gold will continue to gain momentum and if there is any decline in Gold, it is likely to be an opportunity for us to establish a buy.

- Moving to the h4 time frame, we can see that Gold is currently in the old resistance area at 1828, so there is a possibility that there will be a downtrend but however, the strong bearish signal has not been seen yet and it is likely to follow.  Gold will bounce up one more span to around 1835, it is likely to correct here.  Therefore, in today's session, we will wait for the opportunity to buy if Gold corrects slightly in the Asian session and wait to sell if Gold approaches the price of 1835.