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Good morning! Happy new week with lots of energy, good work!

1 USD continues to consolidate strength
- On the dollar side, it has been in high demand over the past few weeks, cautious market mood has pushed capital flows into safe assets, while economic strength and rapid vaccine rollout US rapid growth has increased the attractiveness of the greenback.

The country's claim to unemployment dropped to its lowest level in a year last week and President Joe Biden has said he will double his vaccination target, after reaching 100 million shots. 42 days ahead of time. US stocks futures fell slightly as capital flows to rebalance at the end of the quarter were boosted.

Compared to a basket of currencies, the dollar stabilizes at 92,810, just below November's high of 92.92 reached last week.

2- Significant events and economic data today

- At 22:00 today the US publishes its Consumer Confidence index. Measuring the level of consumer confidence in economic activity. This is a leading indicator as it can forecast consumer spending, playing a key role in overall economic performance. The higher the number, the higher the consumer optimism is.

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