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DXY- Gold Market Update

We keep updating the series of DXY analysis comments on October 7, 2020  - Everyone reread and analyze the previous days to have a clear view!  - According to the news that I identified on October 1, 2020, the price area that I always mentioned of the DXY index, which measures the strength of the USD is 93.6 index points.  I said that if DXY breaks this price range, there is a possibility of going down or not it will continue to follow our expectation up to 94.5-95 points index.

Daily Gold Market Update with Gold Tips

Hello.  All day, people are very impatient about judgment about Gold, right?  And this is not to wait long, I will have comments on Gold in the US session today.

Most Important News of The Day

The Retail Sales report gauges the change in the aggregate value of sales at the retail level across the country. It is an important indicator of consumer spending, accounting for the majority of overall economic activity. The per cent changes reflect the rate of changes in such sales. Usually, a positive economic growth anticipates bullish sentiment towards the euro, while a negative reading is seen as unfavourable, or bearish, for the euro.

Gold Update of The Day- Gold Market

At the end of last trading week, Gold had 1 week of growth from 1848 to 1916 ($ 68) and closed the weekly candle at 1898. As in the comments at the end of the week, I shared that Gold had a week of moderate gain.  but in terms of increasing force, it is still in the strong decline force of the previous week.  And in my opinion it was natural and this rebound could be the recovery that takes the force to go deeper this week.