Market News

Gold Update- As Per Analysis it will decline today

In yesterday's session, precious metal Gold dropped from 1769 to 1748 ($ 19) and closed the day session with a bearish candle around 1759. Although closing with a bearish candle, the force was strong.  The decline in my opinion was not too strong and there was a sign of withdrawal, so at the beginning of today's session, I still prioritized the option to buy this precious metal.

Gold Update- Gold will continue to be boosted

After falling from 1765 to 1747 precious metals Gold rebounded to 1770 and closed yesterday's session with a bullish green candle with a higher closing price than the previous 2 trading days.

Today's Gold Update- Establish SELL Position

IN today's gold session will suggest making your SELL position establish.

Today's Gold Market Update- Downtrend Coming

 This is quite a strong resistance area for precious metal Gold and if Gold recovers to this price zone we can establish a short position with the target that Gold fell last week at 1745.

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