Market News

Gold Update- Establish The Buy Position Today With Safe Target

After surging to the price range of 1822 precious metals Gold fell slightly to 1807, closing the day session with a bearish candle around 1809. However, in my personal opinion, this drop is necessary for the precious metal Gold to bounce back.  This correction is a good price area for us to establish a buy position.

Today's Gold Update- Buy Buy Buy, Uptrend Coming

In yesterday's trading session after a sharp drop to 1779 precious metals Gold bounced back to 1798 closing the day's trading session with a bullish candle around 1792.

BUY Gold- Upward Momentum Will Continue - Today's Update

it is highly likely that in today's trading session, precious metal Gold will continue to maintain this upward momentum.

Gold Will in Downtrend Today

In yesterday's trading session, Gold bounced up to the right price zone of 1795 and dropped beautifully to 1780. Closing the day session with a bearish candle, this is the first day of decline after 4 days of rising.