Market News

After Downward Gold Will Correct its Position

At the end of June, precious metal Gold has had a strong decrease from 1915 to 1750, covering up the previous May's increase, forming a twin candle pattern, so in this July, the possibility of pressure selling will continue.

Gold Downtrend Will Continue

In the last 2 trading days, precious metal Gold has almost no change as the price is still moving sideways within the range of 1787-1774 and nothing has broken through yet.

Cryptocurrency Market View

This week, the value of bitcoin rose above 40,000 USD, but the coin failed to gain a foothold at this level. The value of the leading cryptocurrency has been declining for the last three days

Gold Going Drop Sharply

Today, the gold market still going with downtrend, but still with the help of SUPPORT profit will be in your pocket.