Market News

Gold Update- Will Recover the Position

Today Gold will recover to regain yesterday's downtrend if there is a slight correction at the beginning of today's session to around 1767-1773.

Daily Gold Update- Selling Pressure Before The Next Rally

Switching to the daily time frame, we can see that the selling force of Gold on Friday dominated quite a lot and is showing signs of a slight recovery and we can wait to buy around 1767. 

Today's Gold Update- Continue To Be Boosted Uptrend

In yesterday's trading session, the precious metal Gold officially broke the sideways price zone nearly 1 week before.  Precious metal Gold bounced sharply from 1757 to 1796 ($39), closing the session with a strong bullish candle around 1792.

Gold Update- Selling Pressure of This Precious Metal Will Appear

it shows that the upward force is weakened, so in my opinion in the beginning of today's session, the selling pressure of this precious metal will appear, selling priority will be today's strategy.  

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